Updates & Checkups

Preventative Maintenance by keeping the site up-to-date with plugins, extensions and core upgrades. Install and monitor firewall as additional protection for the site.

Monthly $125.00
Quarterly (Every 3 months) $210.00
Semi-annual (Every 6 months) $295.00
Annual (Every 12 months) $380.00

VIP Support

Full site coverage including...

Core and Extension Updates

Monthly Backups

Content Updates

Image Swaps and Additions

Firewall and Country Blocking

Pro Support & Maintenance

  1. Website content changes and updates

  2. Bug fixes and errors

  3. Training & Support (unlimited)

  4. Core Updates (monthly)

  5. Extension Updates (monthly)

  6. Bug Fixes

  7. Weekly Backups

  8. 2 Business Day Turnaround

  9. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks

  10. Bruteforce login attacks

  11. Known software vulnerabilities

  12. SQL Injection

  13. Bad bots protection